If you spend lots of time outside, be sure to use sunscreen with minimum SPF15.  The cancer-preventing benefits are obvious, but protection is also a must for those of us who don't want to look old before our time.  We recommend Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF 25 and Multivitamin Bodyblock SPF 20.

We recommend Dermalogica Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF30, and Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 for your face and Protection 50 Sport SPF 50 for body and face.

Make sure that you are adequately hydrated - at least 8 glasses of water a day and even more when you are outside.

If you do burn, apply Aloe Vera or lotions containing it. This will cool and soothe your skin and help you to heal faster.  A personal trick is to apply cream containing zinc to your face at night.  This is an effective way of healing your burns by the morning.  We would recommend Dermalogica After Sun Repair.
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After Sun Repair

All Skin Conditions

An incredibly soothing treatment balm that helps to repair damage from exposure to UV sunlight as it helps to cool sunburn and reduce discomfort.  Contains no artificial fragrance of colour.

How to Use

Apply a generous amount over previously sun-exposed areas of the face and body.  Keep product away from eyes.  Repeat application on sensitized areas, as necessary, for maximum skin compost

Protection 50 Sport SPF 50
Water Resistant, Broad Spectrum Sun Protection

This sheer solar protection treatment defends against prolonged skin damage from UV light and environmental assault.  Oleosome microspheres help enhance SPF performance and counteract moisture loss triggered by extended daylight exposure.  Lightweight formula helps neutralize damage and bind moisture to skin without a greasy after-feel.

How to Use

Use daily on face and body for year-round protection against sun damage.  Apply liberally and evenly to skin, preferably 15 minues prior to sun exposure.  Pay special attention to commonly-exposed areas, such as the hands.  For continuous protection, apply regularly and reapply as needed after swimming and exercise