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Sixtus Foot Care

Sixtus is a range from Germany that has 70 years of manufacturing experience in the field They are highly effective in foot care (pedicure) and personal care and use 100% natural ingredients. The benefits of regular Foot care extend beyond an instant lift. Hard skin, burning feet, cracks between the toes and athlete's foot, are all problems that affect us at any time.
The SIXTUS range of Foot care products are based on curative Mountain Herbs and Plants from the German Alps, all the products have a refreshing Alpine fragrance which makes them enjoyable to use as well as beneficial.

Sixtuwohl Sixta Leg Balm - 100ml - 17.50

Intensive care treatment for tired and heavy legs. With alpine vegetables plus allantoin. Sixtuwohl Leg Balm tightens the skin, stimulates blood circulation and supports free blood flow through the veins by unadulterated volatile oils from dwarf pine, rosemary, juniper and lavender. This is how leg afflictions are antagonised. The result: beautiful and vigorous legs

Sixta Leg Balsam 30ml - 5.45

A herbal emulsion for the daily leg care. Energizes the circulation, smooths and tightens the skin and protects it against dis-colourations. Balsam for the cosmetic leg care. The emulsion is derived from vegetable oils and fats, unadulterated ethereal oils from mountain pine, mountain spruce, Rosemary, juniper, sage, lavender.
Rub the leg balsam into the legs daily with circling movements working upwards

Sixtuwohl Sixtan Forte Anti-Fungal nail drops 20ml - 15.45

Keeps Fungal Nail Problems At Bay

Sitxan Forte Drops contain anti-fungicides to keep fungal nail infections at bay.  It's pipet applicator allows you to drop the product directly under the nail.  As with many fungal nail infections the nail bed starts to 'heal over' so as to not allow the infection to enter the blood stream.  When this happens the nail starts to lift away from the 'healed' nail bed as it can no longer attach itself to anything,  because of this lifting you are able to apply the drops directly under the nail.

Sixtuwohl Hard Skin Remover - 5.50

For callouses and hard skin. The footbath crystals help to refresh and stimulate the feet, making the skin ready for treatment with the hard skin remover pad. Even very hard and calloused skin can be treated effectively with this method.