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Ablutio Milk
Skin type                Sensitive, oily and impure skin
Package                 Pumpbottle 120 ml
Description:            A highly qualified cleansing milk, developed especially to clean sensitive and impure skin and not to irritate it. It is therefore an essential instrument for the 'Purus Acne treatment'. It includes soothing oils and camomile, known for its calming effect. Ablutio Milk removes the characteristic skin grease without using soap. Possible make-up residue, like foundation, on acne skin always should be removed with this milk.
Directions for use:  To be used instead of water and soap. Massage morning and evening with moistened fingers into the skin and dry afterwards with moistened cotton.

Price: £ 20.00
Comedo Mutilat
Skin type:        For oily skin affected by blackheads or pimples, acne prone skin
Package:         Jar 50 ml
Description:    Deep cleansing peeling, a scrub mask for impure and oily skin with comedones and/or pimples. This peeling contains several minerals and cleans deeply into the skin. It dissolves comedones: it opens up pustules and cleans them thoroughly. The literal translation of Comedo Mutilat says it all: destroying comedones.
Directions for use: Apply once weekly to dry skin, leave to dry and then rub off with dry fingers, using circular movements.

Price: £ 23.00
Purus Mask
Skin type:             Acne prone skin, oily / impure skin or red / sensitive skin
Package:              Jar 50 ml
Description:          A mask with a combined effect. Because of the optimum concentration of aloe vera which has a soothing as well as an intensely purifying effect, this mask forms a blessing for the skin. The moisture balance benefits by this mask as well. This gel-like mask, which includes extracts of calendula and hamamelis, is almost indispensable when treating pimples in the broadest sense of the word. Agitated and impure skin experiences a visibly soothing effect by this product. This is why the acne client only uses Purus Mask as a protective product at the start of the Purus Acne Treatment. As soon as the acne is under control, an additional protective day cream is applied. Also to be used for any reddish or sensitive skin, for instance: after a facial waxing, an eyebrow depilation, sunbathing, or when an unexpected rash appears after treatment.
Directions for use: Apply in a thin layer, dry in about 15 minutes. Then remove with lukewarm water. Use once or twice a week, depending on the symptoms which it's supposed to control. Ask your beauty therapist which cleansing product is suitable for your skin type.

Purus Mask is also part of the Purus Acne Treatment. It is recommended as protection for acne skin, because the gel keeps shields the skin from dirt and moisturizes the skin as well. Apply a thin layer accordingly and leave it there. Especially men appreciate its effect after shaving. It refreshes and contracts the pores. Can be used for various objectives.

Price: £ 23.00
Crème Softly/Fragile Grasse
Skin type:        Dry skin types
Package:         Tube 50 ml
Description:     Day and night cream for hypersensitive skin, especially for dry skin types

Price: £ 30.00
Protective Hydermios
Skin type:          Dehydrated and sensitive skin
Package:           Tube 50 ml
Description:       A nourishing and protecting day cream for dehydrated skin, full of various plant extracts. Particularly recommended for protection against dehydration caused by staying indoors. You can think of people who work in an office or in a shop, where neon lighting and central heating prevail. Nowadays, these are the worst enemies of the skin. They cause skin to grow older more quickly than your actual age in years. This special day cream includes the purest oils imaginable to keep or make the skin soft and flexible. Offers protection as well against sun and neon lights by a UV-filter.
Directions for use:  Apply in the morning as a final layer, before applying your make-up products

Price: £ 24.00
Cream Humedios
Skin type:           For sensitive, oily, impure and acne skin
Package:            Tube 50 ml
Description:        A day cream for oily, impure and combined skin. This cream is characteristic by its distinct effect on repairing moisture levels. Several of its active ingredients are focussed on this particular problem. Today the dryness of the skin is our prevailing problem, caused by our central heating systems and the fact that we stay indoors too much. Furthermore, it's acne treatments which cause dehydration as well. Medex has specialized itself in offering solutions to both of these skin problems. That's why this cream is particularly indicated in the 'Purus Acne Treatment'; it repairs your moisture balance, without disturbing the process of soothing and dehydrating pimples.
Directions for use: Apply in the morning as a final layer, before applying your make-up products

Price: £ 24.00
Vitalis+ Mask
Skin type:           Dry and sensitive skin
Package:            Tube 50 ml
Description:        Revitalising, bracing, nourishing and soothing mask for dry and sensitive skin. This thick creamy mask is enriched with wheat proteins that have unique properties: they prevent the skin from drying out, help to maintain the moisture balance in the skin, nourish and provide the skin with new elasticity. They also stimulate the formation of new epidermic cells and sooth the skin.
Directions for use: Apply twice weekly, leave for 20 minutes and remove with damp sponges

Price: £ 26.50
Lotion Humedios
Skin type               Oily and combined skin
Package                Pumpbottle 120 ml
Description:           For oily skin, as well as for oily wide-pored skin. It keeps the skin clean and prevents clogging by excessive sebum production. It also contains natural lactic acid, which balances the pH-value of the skin and repairs its natural barrier.
Directions for use: To be used in the morning and evening after cleansing and before applying day or night cream, or after the mask, when a mask is used.

Price: £ 20.00
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Lait Hydermios
Skin type               All skin types, especially dehydrated to normal skin
Package                Pumpbottle 120 ml
Description:          Lait Hydermios is a milk, especially developed for dehydrated to normal skin, as well as a sensitive and / or more mature skin. It contains soothing oils and various natural ingredients, including Chamomile, which acts as a tonic. Lait Hydermios is a hydrophilic milk, therefore also to be used with water. Ideal for clients that prefer water over a cleansing milk.
Directions for use: To be used instead of water and soap. Massage morning and evening with moistened fingers into the skin and dry afterwards with moistened cotton

Price: £ 20.00
Roxsalic (Roxace) Mask
Skin type:              Oily, impure skin and acne prone skin
Package:               Jar 50 ml
Description:           This peeling and purifying mask contains anti-microbial (anti-bacterial) ingredients and components which regulate the production of sebum. Both of which were partly built of natural lipids and amino acids, creating a dehydrating effect on a distressed skin, like oily or impure skin. This beneficial effect is achieved by its combined activity, a complex mechanism that proofs to get excellent results.  Roxace Mask is a genuine 'drying' clay mask, offering an immediate cleansing effect. The mask contains elements like Salicylic acid creating a keratolytic (keratin dissolving) effect, which removes the superficial dead cells and thereby cleanses the skin thoroughly. This mask also contains disinfecting and sebum balancing ingredients (Capryloyl Glycine and Undecylenoyl Glycine), which cause a decrease in sebum production and a reduction of micro-organisms.
Directions for use:  Once a week, after cleansing with Seratoxes Gel and after applying Comedo Mutilat and Ampoule Densensible, apply a (thin) covering film of Roxace Mask to dried skin. Leave for at least 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. When purification of the skin is desired, e.g. with blackheads or pimples, do not use additional active ingredients. When also another skin problem should be solved, e.g. dry skin, then also Hydro-gen Ampoules should be used. Apply Roxace Mask once weekly, when used at home. For acne treatment, see chapter Purus Acne Treatment Method.

Tip: the very best result is achieved by using this product combined with Ampoules, Actiprotin or Gelée Royale Gel.

Price: £ 23.00

Transparent Collagen Mask
Skin type:          For dehydrated, mature and slackening skin
Package:           Jar 50 ml
Description:       This Transparent Collagen Mask is a cream mask that stays creamy and invisible. It improves the skin noticeably. It's a comfortable mask, because it stays transparent and consequently invisible. That's why it is an ideal mask to apply when you'll have a busy day: while you work, the mask is working too and when an unexpected visitor arrives, there's no problem.
Directions for use:  Once or twice a week apply a thin layer at night. The skin will absorb it, so no need to wash it off. Use as a night cream.
Tip: you'll have astonishing results if you apply a layer of Acriprotin under the mask

Price: £ 32.50
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Bio Soft Peeling
Skin type:               All skin types
Package:                Tube 50 ml
Description:            A soft, biological peeling without granules, dissolving dead skin cells by means of protein separating enzymes. The peeling makes the skin clean, smooth, soft and it effectively supports the repairing of your skin. The peeling should be used after cleansing and deep cleansing your skin with milk and Deep Clean.
Directions for use:  Apply to dry skin in a thin film once a week, leave to dry for 15 minutes and gently rub off with circular movements.

Price: £ 22.50

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