Facial Treatments
Holistic Facial

A Holistic Facial can help to improve the skin and hairs texture and appearance as the circulation is increased, giving you a healthy looking complexion.  This is a very relaxing treatment as it can both stimulate and soothe the skins' nerve endings, which can help to delay fine lines and wrinkles, and tones facial muscles.  It can help to reduce tension headaches and leaves you with a feeling of well-being.

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Price         55.00         

Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial

This is a unique facial targeted for your skins individual needs whatever they may be.  Your expert therapist will use the exclusive Dermalogica "Face-Mapping" technique and adapt the facial specifically for you.  All Dermalogica facials include extractions (if needed) and samples of recommened products are offered for you to try at home.

Who is the Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial suitable for?
This is a deep cleansing facial to treat normal to problematic skin types. Recommended for the twenties to thirties age group, or as a deep cleansing treatment in between other facials.

What are the benefits of a Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial
Use of Dermalogica's most advanced skincare formulation deep cleanses and corrects problem to maintain healthy skin

Price         47.50                        approx 60 Minutes

Milia Treatment

Milia is sebaceous oil trapped under dry surface skin cells. Sometimes they come away with the skins natural cell turn over.  If they don't come away naturally, the sebaceous oil can build up causing congestion in the follicle stopping the skin from behaving efficiently.  If the sebaceous oil was not trapped and became oxidized (on contact with the air) it would be a blackhead.  They tend to build up in fine dry skin around the eye area or upper face.

Often a gentle peeling cream can be used to reduce the dead cell structure covering the follicle, creating a blockage. If this is not sufficient to do the job then a micro lance is used to create an outlet, so that the solidified sebaceous oil can be eased out.  When successfully removed, there will be no tell-tale signs that the Milia was ever present.  A calming mask is used to reduce redness on the skin after the treatment depending on the sensitivity and type of skin.
No after care is necessary, other than keeping the area free from products and makeup for 5 days.

A simple recommended regime can be created to slow down the production of Milia.

Price         38.50

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Guildford Beauty Clinic
Guildford Beauty Clinic
Medex Facial - For Acne, Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Conditions.

A Medex facial is specially designed for problem skin conditions, cleansing without stripping the skin, de-congesting, calming, healing and softening the skin.  As a management program, it targets the individual needs of eczema, psoriasis, acne rosacea, acne and scarring from acne.

Starting with a very simple regime returning the skin to a more normal condition, allowing the skin to behave more efficiently.

Finding the correct product can be long term but the Medex regime takes the confusion out of skin care as you only need 3 products.

For 30 years Sandra Dawn has not yet found a more successful treatment and reliable products.

We recommend a course of 6-12 treatments depending on the severity of the problem, which will be determined and discussed at your FREE consultation.

Price         48.50               

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Dermalogica Medibac Facial

Aimed to target adult acne with specific ingredients that gentle detaches surface cells which stimulates cell renewal.
Our medi-bac clearing treatment will focus on purifying your skin with deep cleansing, followed by extraction. Formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce blemishes, while soothing redness and inflammation. It encourages balance and control of this skin condition. This facial includes a two part medicated treatment mask that will clear bacteria and help reduce excess sebum while soothing away any irritation. For best results facials should be repeated every 3 weeks to combat the breakouts.

Price         47.50                    approx 60 Minutes

Dermalogica Chroma White TRx-

DermalogicaChromawhiteTRx is a synergistic brightening system that works to lessen the appearance of hyper-pigmentation in as few as four weeks. The system takes a three-step approach to controlling hyper-pigmentation while simultaneously focusing on improving skin health: preparing the skin, preventing future hyper-pigmentation and protecting skin against elements that can trigger discoloration. This treatment balances areas of uneven pigmentation.

Price         47.50                   approx 60 Minutes

Dermalogica Luxury Facial

A customised luxury facial with the use of dermalogica products that are chosen for your skin type also includes the choice between a luxurious back or scalp massage.

Price         55.00                     approx 75 Minutes

Dermalogica Age Smart Facial

Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing boost with this treatment designed to help firm, smooth and nourish, regenerate and energize while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging.
Potent vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation resurfaces and retexturizes skin while energizing massage techniques release tension in the facial muscles for the ultimate in skin therapy for prematurely aging, mature or devitalized skin. The Age Smart treatment is the perfect complement to your Age Smart home care regime and delivers the immediate results only available from a professional skin treatment.

Price         47.50                        approx 60 Minutes