Full Body Massage

A full body massage involves the use of a combination of massage treatments based on what is deemed to be most suitable for the client. These treatments include holistic (good for emotional well being), lymphatic drainage massage (stimulation of lymph vessels to remove toxins from the body), Indian head massage and deep massage (treatment of injuries, removal of waste and scar tissue).

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Price            £ 45.00

Scalp Massage (follicle stimulation)

A scalp massage is a head massage designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation. Many times, tension is felt within the head and neck, so scalp massages can be very much effective as a stress reducer. Warm oil is massaged throughout the scalp, working to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck regions.

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Price            £ 20.00
Ultrasound Treatment 

The effective way of removing Cellulite

Ultrasound stimulation of the fat cells beneath the skin has the effect of eliminating the toxins which have become rigid within the tissues, and which cause the unsightly orange peel effect known as cellulite. . Therapy is sensation free, relaxing and very comfortable, giving unrivalled results.

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Consultation    £ 15.00        Treatment per session        £40.00   

Tension Back Massage

To prevent persistent problems, it is important to release tension built up in your back and shoulders from our hectic and busy lives.
This tension releasing back massage focuses on de-stressing and unwinding your back and shoulders by targeting key problem areas to sooth and relax your aching muscles.
Using oils designed to promote cell repair and gentle pressure to alleviate tight muscles, we concentrate on un-knotting tension points around the shoulders, spine and neck to leave you feeling revived and completely restored.
Price             £ 30.00

Lymphatic Leg Massage

Improves the circulation of blood & lymph for tired and heavy legs

Leg Massage is a very relaxing massage therapy and involves working on the legs using oil with simple and effective techniques.

The treatment is good for everyone and ideal for those who spend long hours on your feet or do a lot of excerise.

Price            £ 25.00

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Aromatherapy Body Massage

Aromatherapy body massage can take away the stress of everyday life. Different massage oils have different properties and the oils which are taken from leaves, seeds, flowers, fruit and berries when used in an essential oil massage can have therapeutic properties.

Oils are used to fragrance the treatment room to give the full aromatherapy experience.  Usually several oils are selected to be used in combination with each other for the massage

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Price        £ 47.50
Back Cleanse

A much needed treat to refresh, exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and mask this hard to reach area, including a stress relieving massage to leave you relaxed and your skin radiant

Price            £ 35.00

G5 Deep Therapy Massage

G5 is a name known internationally for deep tissue massage and cosmetic benefits for those wishing to improve the contour of the skin. It is a mechanical massager that goes much deeper than the therapist can. Different heads are used to mimic different massage techniques.

Massage with this type of appliance is much heavier work on large and bulky areas of the body. The massage head is driven to turn in gyratory motions, moving round and round, up and down and side to side with pressure, providing a deep massage.

G5 Treatment Recommendations
  • Exfoliation Treatments
  • Detoxification Treatments
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Cellulite Reduction Treatments
  • Relaxation Massage

Price            £ 28.50 per session

Hopi Ear Candling
(also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy)

What are Hopi Ear Candles?

Thermal Auricular Therapy (also known as Hopi Ear Candles) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions, including de-congestioning, or loosening/releasing wax from the ears.. These ear candles induce a revitalising heat upon the head and ears, which soothes, relieves and relaxes

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Indian Head Massage

This truly therapeutic massage of the head, neck, shoulders, back and face is a highly effective and energetic stress - busting therapy. This ancient remedy holds the key to relief from migraine, headaches, sinusitis, joint tension, eye strain, muscle tension, tinnitus and insomnia. Work on the scalp boosts blood supply to the head, increasing the amount of oxygen and nourishment reaching the hair, promoting hair growth. The therapist works on muscle tissue with a firm and gentle rhythm to help unknot fibrous adhesions and release built up tension, leaving you with a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquility having rebalanced your energy flow and increasing mental clarity.

Price     £ 35.00 

La-Stone Massage

LaStone® Therapy's form of bodywork involves the use of heated and cooled stones, Geo-Thermo-Therapy, applied to the body to bring about relief to tired and sore muscles, alleviating chronic and acute symptoms that many of us deal with on a daily basis. Thermo-Therapy makes LaStone a success, by combining its principles with the traditional healing practices of the Native American Indians. LaStone Therapy capitalises on these practices with a modern approach.

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Price £ 60.00 (full body)

Reflexology is a science that teaches that every gland, organ and part of the body is reflected in the feet and hands and that by working on these areas, balance is restored to the body. It balances body systems, relaxes tension, improves blood supply and brings about relaxation.  Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of the body.

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Price    £ 47.50
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